Friday, August 29, 2008

Delicious variety of Penang hawker fare, near Sunway Hotel Penang

Located: Alongside Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang, No. 33, New Lanes, Off MacAlister Road, Penang, Malaysia, is located at the heart of Georgetown Penang. Malaysia.

A mecca of hawker stalls ... ranging from good to very good!

A had some Leng Chee Kang ala Penang. Someone else chose Sea Coconut...
Kuay Teow Theng Penang style ... which means coagulated pork blood cubes! Yes! Frightening stuff, but some seem to like it, hmmm...
Can't leave Penang without having Popiah!
Ah hah ... Chee Cheong Fun Penang-style, which means it is served with Har Koh (Prawn paste, rather stinky but again it is an aquired taste!).
Hor Chien or Oyster Omelette
A staple dish on the island state ... Char Kuay Teow! SLURP! With the additional big prawns, this serving cost RM$9. Really!

Hmm ... Curry laksa, anyone?
Always good ... Penang Assam Laksa.


Chiang said...

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Julian Si said...

You are welcome to add a link of my blog to yours, thanks for your interest.

Happy Makan!!