Friday, August 29, 2008

Apong Telur and Kuih Ketayap, near Sunway Hotel Penang

Penang is full of surprises ... didn't know about this excellent (make that BRILLIANT!) eating street near Sunway Hotel :-) until Bro R recommended it!! We enjoyed the Apong Telur as well as the Kuih Ketayap, we love desserts!

Add: Alongside Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang, No. 33, New Lanes, Off MacAlister Road, Penang.

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Paul said...

Stayed at the Sunway years ago and thought these hawkers looked terrific, but couldn't get my wife to eat there, just because my wife had seen a cat licking the used plates stacked on the footpath. I explained to her that this was how they kept their costs down, by not employing a dishwasher to no avail. Next time we go I'll definitely eat there. The cat must have died by now.