Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Steamed kampung chicken at home

Simple but delicious ... Steamed kampung chicken (This 'kampung or village' chicken cost us RM$14 fresh), a delicious chilli sauce and some stir fried veges on the side.

The fried fish was excellent tonight ... so tasty!


fatboybakes said...

Rm14 for a kampung chook is a STEAL!!! echerlly ah, after getting used to kampung chick, very hard to resort back to normal run of the mill battery chicks leh. kg chicks are so much more flavourful hor, and texture also so much nicer.

Julian Si said...

Haha, wow you are quick!!

Mum says she got it from the local ENG ANN MARKET, near Berkeley / Taman Kenari in Klang.

Check it out :-)