Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sex and the City : Mercedes GLK and S550

Sex and the City : The Movie was a platform of superb product placement for this German marque!

2009 Mercedes-Benz GLK Class
Check out Samantha and her new Merc SUV!

Wikipedia ... The Mercedes-Benz GLK (code name X204) is a compact crossover competing with the Infiniti EX, Acura RDX, BMW X3 and Land Rover LR2/Freelander, as well as the upcoming Audi Q5, Volvo XC60, Saab 9-4X, and Cadillac BRX. The model sits below the M-Class in the lineup.
The GLK-Class was launched in 2008 and is built in Bremen (Germany), the first Mercedes SUV to be built there. Its design is heavily influenced by the GL-Class.
On 2008-01-12, actress Kim Cattrall appeared at a special unveiling ceremony at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, confirming that her Sex and the City character (Samantha Jones) would drive the SUV in the movie version of the popular TV show.
The GLK was presented for the first time in 2008 in Detroit under the form of the Mercedes-Benz Vision GLK Freeside concept. The GLK-Class shares the C-Class (W204) platform.

Mercedes S550 (W221)
I love this shot of Big and Carrie, along with their 'wedding car' ... a sexy, bad-ass, Merc S-class.

ps - 's Kate Ahlborn and Louisine Frelinghuysen brilliantly analysed and captured all the product placement opportunities during the film!

Manolo Blahnik (consistently and constantly)
Vivienne Westwood (more than any other designer, most notably as Carrie’s wedding dress)
Louis Vuitton (lots and lots and lots)
Chanel (at least five times)
Roger Vivier
Diane von Furstenberg (a scene was filmed in her New York City store)
Christian Louboutin (one very clear shot of bright red soles)
Gucci (several handbags—including a big white “Gucci heart NY” one—and brown glossy shopping bags)
Vera Wang
Oscar de la Renta
Carolina Herrera
Christian Lacroix
Tiffany and Co. (Carrie’s wedding gifts)
Swarovski (constantly sparkled on Carrie’s encrusted cell phone; also shined on a clip in Miranda’s hair, Stanford’s wedding tuxedo, and on Charlotte’s daughter’s cupcake purse)
Hello Kitty (décor of choice in Charlotte’s daughter’s room)

Stores & Services
Henri Bendel
Duane Reade
Manhattan Mini Storage (boxes and boxes in nearly every scene shot in Carrie’s apartment)
Bag Borrow or Steal (referenced, explained, and punned on repeatedly)

Apple (Carrie’s computer)
iPhone (Samantha’s cell phone—not exactly Carrie’s style)
Blackberry (Miranda’s phone)
Bang & Olufsen (Samantha’s shapely phone in her Mailibu pad)
Dell (Miranda and Big’s computers)
Cuisinart (wedding gift for Carrie)
Sprint (Carrie’s service provider—flashed frequently)

Vogue (the real editorial office and staffers, a photo shoot, and the magazine itself)
New York Post
Page Six (what better place for an engagement announcement?)
Entertainment Weekly
New York magazine
Marie Claire
The Wall Street Journal (Big’s before-bed read)

Sips and Snacks
Starbucks (again and again)
Pellegrino (on a table or two)
Skky Vodka (to drown Carrie’s many sorrows)
VitaminWater (first an ad hanging on a wall, then on every seat under the tents for Fashion Week)
Smart Water (the water of choice—all over the place)
Pret a Manger (bagged lunch in the park for two)
Cup of Noodles (New Year’s Eve feast)

From the Pharmacy
Garnier Fructis
Clean & Clear

Places and Ways to Get There
New York Public Library (the wedding locale)
Lumi (the site of Charlotte and Big’s confrontation)
The Four Seasons
Mercedes-Benz (Big’s chauffer-driven car)
Lincoln Town Car (Carrie’s wedding limousine)
Christie’s (the girls attended an Ellen Barkin-inspired jewelry auction here)
American Airlines (on an ad in Samantha’s office)

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