Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics ... The end of a week of fierce competition!

Where were you when ...


Usain Bolt ... remember that name, remember that 100m race, remember 9.69. Yes, sub-9.70. He da man!
What's cool ... Usain Bolt won Olympic gold and set a new world record in the 100m with his left shoe undone. Yes, his laces were not done! Bolt's time of 9.69 seconds could most definitely have been faster if his shoelace was tied and if he hadn't spent the last metres pounding his chest! Hah :-)

What's so cool too! Yeong Shang, my dear friend travelled from LA to Beijing, and was at the stadium to witness this miraculous race.


Team USA with 23 year old Michael Phelps doing the first leg (Butterfly) won the 4x100m Individual Medley relay at the Water Cube, in the world-record time of 3:29.34. The Aussies were close ... 3:30.04 ! This meant Michael Phelps broke Spitz's 7 gold record from the 1972 Olympics.. EIGHT GOLDS for Phelps. Yes, EIGHT!

Phelps said to a reporter ... "Records are always made to be broken, no matter what they are." "It's something I wanted to do and I'm thankful to him (Spitz) for doing what he did."

Table Tennis

China clinched the women's Olympic team table tennis title here Sunday, after fighting off a strong challenge from Singapore to win the final 3-0. Yes, Singapore gets a SILVER!


Malaysia and its jalur gemilang as well as MALAYSIA BOLEH spirit had hopes of winning our first ever Olympic gold medal, but alas it was not to be ...
Lee Chong Wei lost to China's top seeded Lin Dan in straight-sets ... 12-21, 8-12. All is not lost, Chong Wei took home a silver for us!

What was cool ... "Super Dan" was obviously a member of China's army gave his trademark victory salute, very army-esque!
Even cooler ... Did you know that since our country's first games in the Melbourne 1956 Olympics, Malaysia has only ever won two silvers, one of which was tonight! We also have 2 other bronzes in the bag, all from badminton.

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