Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Joo Hooi Kopitiam - Penang Road Cendol

Add: Joo Hooi Coffee Shop @ Lebuh Keng Kwee (just off Penang Rd), Penang

Found a great description of cendol on lastappetite.com
These green worms are cendol (pronounced chen-dul), made from green pea flour flavoured with pandan leaves. They’re essential for making the dish that is their eponym: a combination of the worms, shaved ice, santan (the first extraction of coconut milk), gula (palm sugar) and often red beans. With a dish so simple, the only key is finding a vendor who uses top quality ingredients.

It was only AFTER I finished eating the cendol and got home, that I realised that the one I had below, INSIDE the kopitiam (Joo Hooi Coffee Shop), wasn't the world famous Penang Road Teochew Cendol. It was the competitor from across the road. Didn't find it too bad, I have to say!

Assam Laksa - This was surprisingly, REALLY good!

Char Kuay Teow - Decent ... very decent!

Ngor hiang - Average

So ... on our first day in Penang, for the first meal (mind you, we did stop for late breakies at Ipoh!), we had our lunch in this humble kopi tiam besides the world's most famous cendol (Which we didn't have .. that will come later!), and found that the food served there was actually good, especially the assam laksa! What a start to our eating journey ... hmmm, not even the rain could dampen our spirits!

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