Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Usain Bolt!

Usain Bolt celebrates his 22nd birthday today ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the world's fastest man!!

As if the WORLD RECORD wasn't enough of a drama, check out the double DQ which was only confirmed an hour after the race ... Tsk tsk!

Sydney Morning Herald
Usain Bolt made good on his promise to run hard to the line in the Olympic 200 metres final. Oh boy, did he make good.
Bolt's lightning start, scintillating bend and driving finish brought him to the finish line in 19.30 seconds, 0.02 under the world record set by Michael Johnson in Atlanta in 1996.
Many people thought Johnson's record would survive beyond their lifetime. They had better check their vital signs, but most will find they are merely stunned, or comatose, but still alive. Expect reality to return soon.
The ninth man to complete an Olympic double in history, the first since Carl Lewis in 1984, Bolt managed to put his own unique stamp on the shared achievement, doing it with world records in both events.
Three men in the finals had personal best in the 19.60-range - Bolt at 19.67, Spearmon at 19.65 and Walter Dix at 19.69. Defending champion Shawn Crawford of the US ran 19.79 in winning the gold medal four years ago in Athens.

However, Bolt made them all look pedestrian. Churandy Martina of the Netherlands Antilles was second across the line in 19.82, with Crawford third in 19.96. Wallace Spearmon of the USA, third across the line and already most of the way around the stadium on Bolt's delirious victory lap, learned to his dismay that he had been disqualified for a lane violation. The same fate was suffered by Martina, meaning Crawford ended up with the silver medal and Dix the bronze.


sthyan said...

Cool! I didn't know he's turning 22! I saw that race live on TV here and Bolt is just AMAZINGGGG!!! Oh and what a bummer those two DQs were. I even recall Spearmon saying in an interview that he wanted to protest his DQ but it was pretty clear that he did step into the other lane... But everyone in USA is just going crazy with Michael Phelps (including me)! He's the Golden Boy here since he bagged those 8 gold medals!

fatboybakes said...

heh heh, for some reason, i havent followed this olympics at all... not even in the papers. so thanks for the updates....

Julian Si said...

Thanks for visiting both of you :-) and the kind comments!

Go Phelps Go!!