Friday, August 29, 2008

Chee Chap Chuk (Pork Innards Porridge) - The finest in Penang!

Located: Alongside Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang, No. 33, New Lanes, Off MacAlister Road, Penang.

This IS the finest porridge in Penang, and perhaps in the country ... simply delicious. Pork Intestine (and other innards!) porridge, perfectly balanced in taste, with a few slices of char-siew too. The porridge itself is tender, tasty and silky smooth ... GORGEOUS!

One can't miss the stall along this lane ... The Chee Cheong Chook (Pork Intestine Porridge) ingredients is CLEAR for all to see!


fatboybakes said...

dang, i must really archive your penang places to eat. i always feel disappointed when eating there. now, intestine porridge, YUMMM MEEEEEEEEE! by the way, are u darth vader or zorro? oh, i hear u good buddies with our dear lianne....

Julian Si said...

Haha ZORRO is me :-) I am not your father!!

ps - Yup, Lianne's a good mate. Good to see her keeping up with her blog from Germanyland!