Monday, August 18, 2008

Elena Isinbaeva - The Czarina of Pole Vault!

Beijing 2008 : Women's Pole Vault Finals

Starting at 4.70m, which Elena Isinbaeva cleared on the first vault ... She did the same at 4.85 ... Three attempts (dramatic!?) to clear 4.95 ... and finally she attempted,1 cm above her (yes, who else!) World Record at 5.05m. Yes, 5m 5cm. GOLD! Her much talked about rival Jenn Stuczynski came in ... second. has a candid interview in "The Russian, possessor of 23 world-record vaults, scoffs at the idea that American Jenn Stuczynski is in her league."

Asked if she were annoyed by media suggestions that U.S. vaulter Jenn Stuczynski was a challenger after her U.S. record vault of 16 feet, 3/4 inch (4.90 meters) this season, Isinbaeva was utterly dismissive."I can stay quiet when they are right, but when they are wrong, why should I stay quiet?" Isinbaeva asked. "They said 'Wooooo' when she jumped 4.90, but I jumped this height four years ago. It is nothing special."

Know what? She proved that she was ... right!

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