Friday, August 29, 2008

Monte's, BSC Bangsar - Love the steak!

Add: Lot F112, Level 1, Bangsar Shopping Centre Phase 2, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, KL
Tel: +603 2094 1112

This is a rather old restaurant ... sieving through google, I found comments about Monte's from as far back as 2002. Any one has any idea when it was opened?

Mushroom soup (RM$13.90) - Looked really nice and chunky
Carrot and Pumpkin soup (RM$8.90) - My choice ... and what a great choice it was. Deep in flavour, and not overly thick. Thanks for the tip, SBF!
I loved the warm bread rolls too ... slurp!

Mixed nachos - Chicken and vegetarian (RM$16.90). Nothing too exciting, but decent nevertheless.

R's choice (Seems she dines here quite frequently, I now know why ... the food here is actually rather good, just becareful what you order ... the soups and steaks are par supremo!) ... Seafood Salad (RM$25.90). SBF said the dressing was good.

Brilliant choice ... a beautifully grilled and healthy Halibut fish steak. Lovely!

My choice ... really well marinated, in a chinese-sort-of-way, Ribeye Steak (RM$52.90). I had asked for medium, and when it arrived, it looked ... Well-done. But it wasn't, just slightly seared and charred on the outside, sealing in all the juices and flavours. Brilliant!

ps - RM$180 for the three of us, or RM$60 per head. Not the cheapest of places, but we enjoyed the food, and quiet ambience.

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Anonymous said...

Going there tonite with a french boyfriend.....he will want to try the escargot LOL hope its up to par! Thanks for the tips !