Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Usain Bolt breaks a new World Record - 200m Finals Beijing Olympics 2008

At 10:25pm (Beijing / Malaysia time), in the 200m Finals ...
Usain Bolt charging round the bend, well ahead of everyone else ...

He carried on ... strong ... incredible pace! And easily won the race, miles ahead of everyone else!

MARTINA Churandy (Neth. Antilles) ran an amazing race to just make Silver. USA's Wallace SPEARMON who had come in 3rd was DQ'ed for stepping over the white line,which left Shawn CRAWFORD (Also of the USA) with the Bronze.

Unlike in the 100m where Bolt pounded his chest and quite obviously slowed down at the end, he gave it his all in the 200m. That was how special Michael Johnson's 19.32s World Record from the Olympics in Atlanta, GA(USA) on 1st August 1996 was!

Usain Bolt has now set a new World Record ... 19.30s. Magnificent!

20th August, 2pm, just 8 hours before Bolt's record breaking moment ...
Michael Johnson admits that Bolt might one day shatter his own world 200m record.
"Nothing he does will shock me," Johnson said. "He has been working on his start and the first part of the 100m proved he has worked on that. He's going to have to turn the corner a lot better and run the corner better." says ... Bolt just did!

ps . I picked up a few other cool quotes from this very special athlete ...
"It doesn't matter if I have the world record if I don't have the Olympic medal."
"I'm just going out there all the time to do my thing and show the world I'm probably the best."
"I came here to prove that I'm the best in the world, and I did that."
"I was having fun."

pps . What an Olympic Games this is ... first Michael Phelps, now Usain Bolt. Nuff' said!

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Richard said...

Usain Bolt was unbelievable on his 200 meter !

Just like the 100 meter i can watch this movie over and over again!