Friday, May 30, 2008

Hainanese Taste (Tien Pin) - Mee Pok @ SS2

Add: Restoran Hainanese Taste (Also known as Tien Pin) - No.19, Jalan SS2/30, PJ
Directions: Row of shops behind Sri Siam or Eng Seng Hin Electronics, between SS2 and Sea Park

Ever had the sense of deja vu?
The moment I stepped into these kopitiam, I felt I had been here before ... Ah hah! It is under the same ownership as House of Fishball at Seapark, PJ

This accompanied the noodles ... springy fishballs, and lovely fishcakes in a nice clear vegetable soup.

This was what brought me here ... The Mee Pok (RM$5)!
Alas I was slightly dissapointed as I had thought it would be the Singapore variety, with a combination of sweet (ketchup) and spicy (chilli-sauce). Nevertheless, after I got over the dissapointment, it was good. Nice springy noodles!

This I thought was quite superb ... RM$1.80 for Fu Chuk Yee Mai (Beancurd skin boiled with Barley), alas it wasn't hot enough.

Ps - RM$6.80 for a wholesome lunch? Can't go wrong with that!

Pps - Couple of other good write-ups on this place...
Story of the founder Mr Michael Tang
The recommendation that brought me here in the first place!

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