Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Golf on the Nintendo Wii

Here's me on the Nintendo Wii again ... now I am hooked (pun not intended!) on golf!

Had a bad start with a double bogey, but then stabilised with a brace of pars, and then bogeyed the 4th and 6th again .. but surprised myself with a Birdie (my first!) on the par 4 seventh hole. Ended up, 3 over par over 9 holes.
On another round of nine holes, +6 may seem poor ... but check out the erratic performance my Mii had! Started with TWO birdies, and again on the 4th and 8th holes. Total of 4 birds! But ... I blew away the 3rd and 7th (double bogey), another bogey on the 6th ... and worst of all, a double par on the last (Yes, +10!) ... Nett score, +6.

ps - Previously Wii Bowling ... now golf, hah!

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