Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Famous Ice Kacang with Banana, New Swatow Lane Penang (New World Park)

Add: New World Park (Sin Sei Kai) Food Court, corner of Lorong Swatow and Lorong Hutton, Penang.
Tel: +604 227 8804
Opening hours: Daily, 10am - 9pm

Not the same any more! I remember way back in October 2006, at its old road-side location, when it was the best ice kacang on this planet ! Sigh ... it's but a dream now.

Hmmm ... somehow it has lost its charm, and the ice felt too rough, the taste too artificial, and overall ... it was simply mediocre!

Still looks the part ... but certainly doesn't taste like it!

We didn't wanna leave dissapointed, so we got a serving of ... cut fruits!

ps - Some history of what was a legendary stall in Penang!
LEE ENG LAI, now in his late fifties, recalls that his grandfather Lee Kar Tee and grand uncle Lee Ah Keat started selling ice kacang as a roving stall in the Jalan Rangoon area in 1923. His father, Ah Kang (Kar Tee’s son), later inherited the stall and moved it to a permanent position. Eng Lai, his brother Eng Huat and sister Ah Kee (above) have been involved in running the stall since the 1960s, when it was next to a snooker bar. Originally, in the 1920s, a bowl of basic ice kacang cost half a cent, now it is RM1.50. Early in 2007, the stall moved into the new New World Park (Sin Sei Kai) food court opposite with ample parking.


leonard said...


I agreed...just not the same any more. I had it last June when the famous Swatow Lane ice kacang moved inside the food court. Taste have changed and quality of the ingredients have dropped.


Julian Si said...

Ah hah ... a local lad agrees :-)