Monday, September 01, 2008

Chong Qing Steamboat buffet @ Sunway, Subang

Located: Bandar Sunway Mentari @ behind Projet petrol station, there is two blocks of shoplots. Chong Qing is located on the next block facing the old shoplots across the main road.

How I ended up there ... Fried had recommended Yuen Steamboat across the road, near Sunway Pyramid where I was watching Money No Enough II, and when we got there ... the queue was nearly as long as the eye can see. No chance! So I looked across the road, and saw two other steamboat places (Seems like this is "Buffet Steamboat Mecca"!) ... and chose this one.

Yes ... the queues here are rather long too, we had to wait nearly half an hour to be seated.

Our gang picked a lotta seafood ... as you can see.

Four choices of soups ... decisions , decisions !
i) Suan Cai (Preserved veges)
ii) Ma La (Pepper Spice)
iii) Tomyum
iv) Herbal
We weren't very adventurous and picked iii) and iv)

Other stuff we picked up (RM$19.80 per head, and half that for kiddos) included the following ... I really liked the wantans and meatballs, but not much else. The food was available to be picked up from huge chest freezers, but just somehow seemed over-processed.

Variants of various shells ... and more seafood ... and even more shells!

There's a small variety of cooked foods, but I only saw (and had!) one bowl of simple fried rice, they didn't seem to replenish this in a hurry! Also ... there's various cold drinks, one of which tasted like ... sugared tea. Duh! All this is included in the RM$19.80 per person charge.

BEWARE! MSG levels are ... high!

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Sim said...

Hello~ Do you know the telephone number of this restaurant?