Friday, July 11, 2008

Toyota Corolla Altis pink cabs and taxis in Bangkok!

Here's why the Toyota Corolla Altis is the best selling passenger car in Thailand!

Heh heh ... pink coloured Altis were everywhere!

ps - Someone left this comment on
We tried the red-blue ones, the yellow-green ones and the bright pink taxis and found that these were the cheapest - the Bright Pink taxis. The red-blue ones seemed the most expensive. We took the red-blue ones from the taxi queue outside the airport and were charged 410B total (inclusive of toll), but only paid the pink ones 350B (inclusive of toll) on the way back to the airport when we departed (even if you added the extra 50 that one has to pay from the airport, it's still a 10B savings. Not much, but still cheaper.

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Anonymous said...

LOL like the virtualtourist desciption on BKK cabby. *Fantastic* now I now how to judge the rate on my next trip to BKK. Cheers