Friday, July 25, 2008

Jaya One's Duck King - Whye Mun's farewell

Welcome to's 2,222nd post!


Looks familiar!? :-)

Add: 8-G Block M, Jaya One No.72-A Jalan Universiti , PJ
Tel: +603 7957 9819
Opening hours: 11:00am - 10:30pm

Hmm! Wasn't my family recently at this place a few days ago!?
Check out the print on the inside of the MENU ... BEWARE!

Tofu with Minced chicken - Good!
Stir fried greens - Very fresh.

Tiger Garoupa - Fantastic! Perfectly steamed and tasty ...

Rice with (yes..) Pork Lard/Oil ... Slurp! So tasty :-) Steamed rice, not the usual boiled variety, I reckon. Seems this dish used to be called "Nasi Kecap Asin Min Babi" , yes Duck King doesn't betray its indonesian origins!

Ordinary rice ... with a large dollop of superior soya sauce from the fish dish. Slurp!

Yin Yang vege ... cooked in 2 styles.

Crystal steamed chicken - Incredible! So tender ... Mmmmmh.

Hmm, the duck took a long time to arrive, nearly towards the end of our meal! Beijing aka Peking Duck - RM$62.80 for the entire duck. Tasty as always, but the skin was a little too thick on this occassion.

You get a choice of 8 or 9 different styles for preparation of the remainder of the duck ... We tried the unique 'Bun with Black Pepper Duck'. It was rather good, but I missed the XO preparation from my previous visit.

And it was on to ... desserts!
Durian pastry - Slurp! So good that Man from Sweden agrees :-)

Some other dessert ... along with some complementary fruits.

Black sesame dessert - The sesame was burnt! Oh no :-( Tasted and smelt burnt ...

And ... the most dissapointing dish of the night ... The Golden Sand buns.
Disagree! PureGlutton's blog ... The "golden sand" is actually a concoction of creamy milky custard which just oozed out like liquid heaven when you bite into it...
Also disagree! described ... Order This: Steamed Golden Sand Bun

Time to say good night ... and farewell. Bon voyage, cousin!

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Anonymous said...

No doubt a good restraurant serving delicious food, but the assistant restraurant manager, a lady, spoilts it all. Hardly smile, and just took away our unfinished food without even asking.

The final bill and the price on the menu is different, please be careful.

And also the photos on the menu are also misleading. What is shown in the menu does not come out the same when the food is served.