Sunday, July 27, 2008

Number One Claypot Chicken Rice, Berkeley @ Klang

Located: Berkeley gardens aka Taman Kenari, Klang. Turn right at the 'entrance' to Klang town along the Federal Highway.

Soup ... Lotus (Rather good), and Pepper pork innards/stomach (Too peppery!).

This is the BEST Ngar Poh Kai Fan aka Claypot Chicken rice ... bar none! Beautifully tasty grains of rice, great ham-yee (salted fish) flakes which are perfectly blended in, and chicken which is marinated so well. Great stuff, great comfort food! This is a serving for three, which I shared with my parents, not enough to go around, we loved it that much!

Stir fried Poh Lay Sang Choy - Yummy!

Total price for all the above, including a pot of very nice tea, about RM$30.

Ps. Also tried out the Bak Chang aka Ha Mo Chung, which was OK, but not incredible. RM$4.

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