Sunday, July 27, 2008

BMW E90 335i 4 door sedan

Travelling along the Kesas, near Ikea one day, I saw ... Yes, it's a E90 BMW 335i 4-door sedan. Discrete in styling it may be, but the twin tail-pipes gave it away. It was idling at barely 60-70 km/h, so I had to travel EVEN slower on the left lane to take these shots!

I tried to find out the local price, but only lists 320i and 325i versions, hmmm I wonder where this car travelled in from! In the USA however, the prices start at just under USD$39k (Described as ... 3.0-Liter, twin turbocharged 6-cylinder engine = 300-hp and 300 lb.-ft. of torque). Here, I reckon it would be closer to RM$500k, considering that the 325i is about RM$350k and the M3 Sedan is RM$750k.

ps. More 'commonly' available, the E92 335i Coupe

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