Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yellow man's birthday celebration @ The Pub, Shangri-La KL

SURPRISE! So many of my very dear friends showed up to celebrate my birthday at ... The Pub, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur. We had the entire top/mezzanine floor, including the pool room, at our personal disposal. It was great!!

08:00pm ... Heh heh, I looked like a politician all night with my cool 'It's My Birthday' pennant! Thanks for the yellow duck too, J and M :-) hee hee...

It was a yellow fever night! The theme? Yellow Man ala Digi!

We had a great time!

Heh heh ... Thanks to J for the fabulous red eggs!!

My papparazi prodigy ... JL!
230 photos on the first part of the evening, and a further 230 plus piccies at Zeta too! Wow :-)

DJ went on stage to sing me a song too ... Cheers, bro!

It's my football team! Cool ... I like The Pub!

Hmm, I was then asked to stay on the stage ... Ah hah!!!

I absolutely LOVE my birthday cake ... Thanks, SBF!

Wow!!! A Yellow Man cake! Love it ...

For the first time ever ... I got to share the stage with my dear cousin WM! Yay :-)

My very dear and supportive friends :-) watching us on stage!

Thanks for the song, Munsy!

Hee hee...

Let the good times roll ...

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