Saturday, July 19, 2008

Orphanage visit in Klang with BMW Club Malaysia

Handicapped and Disabled Children's Association of Klang
Add: No, 4, Lorong Bunga Raya, Kampong Raja Uda, Klang
Visit during Chinese New Year 2008
The blogsite for this wonderful home

Hmm, the 8TV team happened to be there too!

Yay, dance time!

We brought cash and goodies!

I always feel we gain so much visiting the home, perhaps even more then the brave and beautiful children there. Please do contact me if you want to visit, or do something for the children, thank you.

There's always hope ...

Haha, time to meet the local 8TV celebs!

Yum, it's KFC time!

PY took the lads out for a spin in his ACS6 ... they loved it!

God Bless, see you all next time ...


sthyan said...

Wow, Julian! That's really cool! What a coincidence! The pictures bring back old memories... I remember visiting that same home when I was in Form 5 with my classmates. It was a community project for our Moral class.

bayu said...

everytime we came to places like here, everytime also we feels that God gave much more than all wahat we predict, ...thx for share..:)

Julian Si said...

Sthyan :-) Glad that family actually visits my blog ... Yay! Glad to stir up old memories ...

Bayu, no problem!

If anyone wants to help ...

1) Contact me

2) Provide them with some Similac LF No-Lactose formula

3) Call the 'keeper of the home', Mr Morgan @ +6012 3915 893

Thanks, everyone!