Monday, July 14, 2008

Sold Out - New band at Zeta Bar, KL Hilton

Zeta finally has a band worthy of the establishment ... SOLD OUT!
The previous bands were pretty poor, and lacklustre, glad to see an energetic piece back on stage!

Hilton's website
Sold Out came together in Montreal, Quebec a few years ago.
"Sold Out" is unique by their incredible high energy in it's delivery on stage, their professionalism and their versatility.
In fact, we can observe the immense talent of each band member that exchange instruments for a musical diversity. For the past three years, "Sold Out" has travelled around the world impressing audiences in the U.S.A., Morocco and Hong Kong.
From the Beatles to traditional disco music, from Elvis to pop music, from motown to dance, the ears of all audiences are filled! The crowd, seized by these remarkable talents, remains amazed in front of each performance of "Sold Out".

They consist of ...
Melissa Lemaire and Melissa Quimet (lead vocals), band leader Federic Poirer (vocal and electric bass), Carl Dandeneau (vocal and guitar), Mathieu Labbe (keyboard) and Patrice (drums).


Anonymous said...

The previous band was Akasha , the best band that Zeta bar had since the opening of the club , the beat all the records ,, how you can say that they are pretty poor and lacklustre ??? im sure you talk about another band ?

Anonymous said...

Akasha was boring as hell... always the same songs night after night. They think boobs are enough to entertain people, but what about the musical professionalism and energy those guys from Sold Out has... now that's a good band. I agree 100% with Jules