Friday, July 25, 2008

BEWARE! Snatch thieves - Jalan Utara, PJ

Date: Friday, 25th July
Time: 7pm
Location: Along Jalan Utara, near Crystal Crown PJ

What I saw ...
I was stuck in a jam, whilst travelling towards Duck King at Jaya One for dinner.
I noticed a motorbike with 2 men stopped at the side of the road.
The car in front of me was a Proton Wira, with only the driver in it.
One of the 2 men on the motorbike calmly opened the door of the Proton Wira, removed what looked like her handbag, and zoomed off.
In hindsight, I noticed that the 2 men waited for the lights to change, so they had a chance to zoom off.
There was little anyone could do, as only people behind the Wira could observe what had happened, and there was no way for us to stop the 2 men as were stuck in a jam.

Made me mad, angry and sad ... but we must use this as a learning opportunity, remember ...
(1) Lock your car doors before setting off
(2) Do NOT leave valuable items on the passenger seat, or rear seats
(3) Always be wary of motorcycles stopped alongside the road
(4) Be especially CAUTIOUS when stuck in a traffic jam, ensure you keep looking at your rear and side mirrors.


nicolekwt said...

ahh...i saw one incident like this before on one saturday at ss2 and mind you...the time it happened was around 2pm. there are 2 men on motorbike as well and i wonder whether they are the same fellas...

Julian Si said...

Lets all beware ... thanKs for the update!