Friday, July 11, 2008

Hindu shrines at Isetan Bangkok

There are two shrines located in front of Isetan Bangkok department store. These are dedicated to Trimurti and Ganesha respectively.

Another example of an ornate and beautiful shrine ...

ps - Some research online...
Despite the fact that most Thais are Buddhist, there are a substantial number of Hindu Shrines in Bangkok. A total of at least six are located close to the Rajaprasong Intersection. It seems to be that all major enterprises close to this intersection have seen the need to erect different Hindu shrines.
The best well known is of course the Erawan Shrine.
However all other can easily be reached by strolling around, and at each shrine you will always see at least a few worshippers.While worshippers turn to the each of the shrines with different objectives in mind, a simple general explanation is that the Hindu shrines have a protective function. If one is erected on the opposite side of the road to direct unwanted influences away, it is somehow advised to construct your own shrine, otherwise these negative forces might arrive at your property.

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