Monday, July 14, 2008

Durians @ SS2's Hong Leong Bank

CC & L's Meal No. 4
Rather poor durian, slightly on the wet side ... Stall is located outside Hong Leong Bank, in SS2, PJ. Expensive too, the 2 fruits cost us RM$45.

The master from Singapore chooses his ... fruits!

Not overly impressed!

Rarest shot ever ... me and durian! Giving it a go :-)


Anonymous said...

There's another durian stall nearby, which has a concept 'Eat All You Can' RM10. You should try it. 'Donald' Durian, facing 'The Cave' SS2.

Anonymous said...

Pls don’t eat there. I tried the durian buffet RM10 yesterday and I felt like i was paying them to help them clear lousy stock.Here are the reasons:

1) All durians presented to us wwre not ripe, too mushy or had worms. We weren’t expecting top notch but at least something presentable. But we tried 6 durians, only 1 was edible and I am serious. Go visit the other stalls if u must eat the buffet.

2) The long waiting time. The Banglas were taking so long that it got everyone waiting so impatiently for the durians to come to their table. Seeing the disgruntled customers, and being one myself coz we kept calling n calling for them to bring the durian, they only brought one at a time. So this Bangla guy bought us one small durian. I knew i had to wait at least 10 mins after i finish eating this, so i ask him to put 2 at my table. to my horror, he refused and said just eat what u have. the other customers were as shocked as i am coz he had the cheek to say that even when he take so long to bring one durian over.

It was a frustrating experience. Go eat elsewhere. ( there are 2 others beside that i have tried, Donald is in the center, n it was soo much better)

P/S – During that night (yesterday), we saw at least 2 couples near us leaving as soon as eating js 2 durians, coz of the BAD DURIANS & BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I tried eating at the other stalls before, and the staff were more than eager to bring me good durians.

Julian Si said...

Thanks for the feedback!!!!