Friday, July 25, 2008

Driving range with my new Titleist Vokey 60 degree wedge

Thanks to my very dear friends for this new weapon in my arsenal (The Titleist) ... Here it is lying next to my trusty and RUSTY old Cleveland 588 60-degree Raw Tour Grind (RTG) lob wedge, purchased on eBay USA some 4 years ago!

Mine ... all mine! Titleist Vokey, Spin-milled, Oil Can finish, 60-08 Lob Wedge

Check out the grooves on my spin milled wedge ... WOW!

Heh heh ... like a kid on Christmas Morning, here is me using my new birthday pressie for the first ever time!

There she flies :-)

And here is me with my trusty ol' R580XD Taylor Made.

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email2me said...

Wah! Excellent choice.... I got one of this too. Exactly the same one. Very good feel when whack it on the sand. Can feel the softness of the shot and less rolling when touching the green.

PRO players mention that this Titleist SW more rusty will give a much better feel. I don't bother to clean it also :D Let it rust!