Monday, July 28, 2008

Kedai Kopi Khoong - Breakfast @ Seapark, PJ

Add: Kedai Kopi Khoong @ Jalan 21/12. Sea Park, PJ
Located: This corner shop is located behind the Seapark Market, alongside the Sunday street stalls.

Loh mai kai - Very average.

Masak-masak describes this as ... Woon Chai Koh which is what we term it in Kuala Lumpur since everyone speaks Cantonese is actually steamed rice flour cakes topped with preserved radish. The term Woon means "bowl", Chai means "radish" and Koh means "Cake" in the Cantonese dialect. In Singapore, they term it differently as it is known as Chwee Kueh.
It wasn't to her liking, but it turns out to be my FAVOURITE version of this dish in PJ :-) So smooth, and do ask for extra radish topping, yummmm!

Porridge - Good!

Minced pork noodles - Now, this is goooood stuff!

Ipoh Hor Fun - This shredded chicken noodles used to be rather famous, but I didn't quite like it. Was too bland, and not 'prawny' or sweet enough!

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