Monday, July 28, 2008

Over her Dead Body (2008)

Source: DVD (SS2)

Hmm, I was surprised that despite the excellent cast, I found this film a little 'wooden' and predictable. It does have a couple of funny moments, but besides the cast I didn't find a whole lot to get excited about!

The excellent cast ...
Eva Longoria Parker ... Kate (aka the Ghost, aka the Bride who was killed by the Angel)
Paul Rudd ... Henry
Lake Bell ... Ashley
Jason Biggs ... Dan (Yes, Biggs from American Pie infamy!)

What was rather dissapointing ... Eva Longoria Parker seems to be better suited for Desperate Housewives and television, and I found certainly elements of her performance irritating, but I guess that may have been what this film called for!

The chemistry between Paul Rudd and Lake Bell seemed to work though, and there were good if not excellent performances from Jason Biggs and Lindsay Sloane (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch). I would merely describe this film as passable!

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