Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Elephant, Section 17 PJ - Great Thai food!

Add: Block C-G4 Happy Mansion, Section 17/13, PJ
Tel: +6012 328 5028 (Patrick)
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday (except Sunday lunch) - Lunch @ 12.00 p.m. - 2.30 p.m., Dinner @ 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.

Originally written for: Malaysian Today

I had previously been dissapointed either by the authenticity, taste, or high prices of some local Thai restaurants in PJ and KL. My lucky has changed! L brought me to My Elephant, not far off Jalan University, one rainy evening and I was immediately impressed by the simple yet modern low-lit decor, tasteful "mood" music, good service, excellent food and value. Whether it is a casual, business or romantic meal, My Elephant seems to cover all bases!

Thai restaurants are reknowned for their multitude of attractive and appetising starters, I chose the Thai Fish cakes (RM$8) which were full of flavour and one could easily enjoy the delicious home-made patties.On my next visit, I would definitely try the Mamuang Talay (Mango Salad with assorted seafood, RM$8), and Miang Kum (Assortment ofgoodies such as ginger, peanuts, chilli and shrimps, wrapped in fresh kadok leaves somewhat like a roll-up!)as well.

The next course had to be the "national" dish of Thailand, Tom Yum! We chose Tom Yum Koong (Prawn @ RM$20), which packed a strong lemongrass-infused flavour, with a surprising sweet-aftertaste that actually gave the dish a spicy-sweet balance. The prawns were of a decent size and fresh, we enjoyed every drop! Some friends also heavily recommended the Tom Sum Pla (Fish), which is a clear soup with mushrooms, galangal andother Thai spices.

As there was only two of us on this occasion, we had difficulty in choosing amongst the many lovely dishes on the menu. We chose the Gaeng Keow Wan (Green Curry Chicken, RM$15) which was L's favourite dish of thenight. Again, not overly spicy, with the right blend of sweetness and creaminess, this was really good. I especially enjoyed the aubergine pieces which perfectly complemented the bite-sized chicken slices. Next time,I must try the Roast duck red curry, which is supposed to be mind-blowingly good, and has to be ordered in advance!

I thought the star of the night was the Otak Otak Omelette (RM$12), I simply love the way Thais prepare somethingas simple as a fried egg, but the otak-otak inside just blew me away! The chilli dip (Yes, Thai dishes alwayscome with a plethora of dips!) brought out the flavours perfectly.

I was pleasantly surprised that My Elephant served Brown Rice (Unlimited helpings at $2.50 each) on a banana leaf, which was a healthy yet delicious balance to what was a really good meal.

It seems a "dessert of the day" is also served, such as the well-recommended Sago Pudding served with Jackfruit and Mango. But on this occassion, we were eyeing the Mille Crepe cakes at the nearby Food Foundry!

Special mention to Precious Pea and Lemongrass for recommending some of the other dishes which I didn't getto savour on this occasion, I shall however be bringing many more friends back here for near-authentic and delicious Thai cuisine, at very reasonable prices.

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ruben said...

been there too, great place....heard they r opening a branch arnd hartamas