Sunday, February 22, 2009

Robert Char Kuay Teow - Say Huat, PJ Section 17

Located: Restoran Say Huat - Section 17, PJ

I adore the CKT in Section 17, at a large corner kopi-tiam called Say Huat. Its located in the Lucky Garden square of Section 17, not to be confused by a similarly named area in Bangsar. Late one evening, we decided to venture there whilst waiting for D who had been admitted to Pantai. It was well worth the trek!

Yes, this is one of my regularly visited makan spots, ever since H brought me here back in 2007 . Here is a shot of the personable CKT-man's stall, in fact he came over to have a chat at the end of our meal!

RM$4 for "regular" and RM$4.50 for "large" ... Whatever your choice, you can be assured of an individually-prepared masterpiece! Fresh shrimps, crunchy chives and beansprouts and smooth hor-fun, with cockles and chilli paste. Marvellous!

Hall of fame? Most definitely!

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