Monday, February 23, 2009

Audi A6 Abt Sportsline - Bangsar, Malaysia

The Audi A6 in standard guise is a beautiful piece of machinery, but after it is tuned and nip+tucked by Abt it becomes even more handsome! on the C6-generation A6
The new A6 (C6) was released in 2005. Designed by Walter de Silva, the new model is visually an evolution of the C5, but is longer (492 cm), incorporates the new Audi trademark single-frame grille, and features more sophisticated technology.
The handwriting from Kempten is most noticeable on the rear of the A6: the characteristically wide track with the flush wheels on the outside is additionally emphasized through the Abt rear skirt inset. The four chromed Abt end pipes set a clear signal for the power capacity of the vehicle. The Abt rear spoiler on the boot makes sure of a sportier look and moreover an increased negative lift on the rear and connected improved driving characteristics. Just like all body add-on parts by Abt Sportsline it is manufactured in top quality and is seamlessly incorporated in the contours of the standard vehicle.
The designers set individual focuses with a discreet front grill and front spoiler lip. The handwriting on the side of the body is equally discreet: beside side skirts which underline the dynamical line management from the front to the rear, for the Essen Motor Show Abt Sportsline equips the A6 with Abt sport wheels SP1 in the dimension 8.5x19 from the range of wheels reaching from 17 to 20 inch. The classical five-spoke wheels are manufactured in titanium-look and equipped with tyres by the partner Continental.
112 years ago, Johann Abt from Kempten founded a blacksmith’s with a famous idea: to convert carriages, so that they could even be used in the harsh Allgäu winter. Since the time of its foundation the company has continued to develop and even maintained this policy in hart times. In the meantime the fourth generation of the company are now in charge with Hans-Jürgen and his brother, the former DRM pilot Christian Abt.


Anonymous said...

hehee... that's my ride!

Julian Si said...

Nice car, looks great! Pity I only saw the rims and quad-exhaust ;-) Bet the front looks hot too!