Monday, February 02, 2009

Yik Mun - The Famous Tanjung Malim Pau (Established 1926)

A true institution in the food chapters of Malaya's / Malaysia's history! This is ... Yik Mun.

Located: Along the trunk Roads (Old interstate Route 1 (Federal Highway) connecting Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +605 4596 380
Opening hours: 09:00am - 10:00pm
Cool! It was opened throughout Chinese New Year, so if you wanted a pau-fix, this is the place to visit!
Note: Halal

Simple decor, just like your average kopi-tiam. Airey and comfortable. The air-conditioned "steak eating area" was closed when we visited one afternoon.

We couldn't resist ordering the three most popular paos...
1) Curry chicken - Yummy!
2) Tau sah (Black bean paste) - Average
3) Kaya - Nice!

Frozen, unsteamed paos, hygienically and professionally shrink-packed, are also available, and I brought a brace back for mum and dad!

Yik Mun is famous for their paos, but I came here strictly for Hainan Steak House's Hainanese Chicken Chop.

It was worth the wait, the chicken was perfectly prepared, the mashed potato yummy, the gravy (tomato-lea and perrins) simply awesome! DIVINE!

Washed this down with some Nescafe Tarik ... :-)

Was greedy, so tried the average but interesting Curry Fried Rice!

Yik Mun, since 1926 ... deservedly proud!

L informed me that neighbouring E&L also serves an excellent chicken chop but they were closed on Day 3 of CNY.


Anonymous said...

ermm..frankly speaking.. i think yik mun's pao not as delicious as previous time already....
i still remembered its curry pao taste very yummy and soft when i was kid!! but now no more... its chicken not soft d..

Julian Si said...

Sigh ... thing evolve over time :-(
Still the best halal pao I reckon, yumm...

But the chicken chop is just amazing!! Enjoy!!

Caleb said...

Yes, it's sad that the modernisation of our traditional treasures serve only to bring their glory into decline. My dad's hometown is in TM, so I'm familiar with Yik Mun.

It has to be said that the mass production of its paus has made Yik Mun nothing more than a historical fancy, which is sad. I can tell you where to get much better tasting handmade paus in Klang (Taman Rashna).

Then again, those are non-halal. So, I guess you're right in saying Yik Mun serves the best halal pau around :)