Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nissan X-Trail 2.5 - Interior shots

L gave me a ride in her family X-Trail 2.5L SE recently, couldn't resist snapping these shots.

CVT automatic transmission

Interesting dash!
THE expansive and quite unusual split-level X-Trail dash has the instrument panel mounted in its centre, allowing the driver to adjust the steering wheel height to a suitable position without fear of obscuring the important gauges. Rather than use digital readouts, Nissan has gone with conventional analogue gauges for the speedometer (to 230km/h), tachometer (redline 6500rpm) and fuel level and coolant temperature. Different materials are used across the dash, including cloth trim on the upper portion's outer extremities and strong metallic influences throughout. Lots of hard plastic is there, too, along with a number of useful storage compartments.

The stereo aka I.C.E. is rather "ah-beng" and the AC controller is ... well, utilitarian!

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