Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sin Guat Keong, Lebuh Kimberley - Desserts & CKT, Penang

Guest Blogger: L
Wherabouts: Penang ... Lebuh Kimberley

Once again, thanks to L for this write-up, I had never been to this famous CKT (Char Kuay Teow) joint previously, but seems it (along with the adjacent dessert stall) is rather legendary!

Found this write-up online...
This 52-year-old stall is no-doubt one of the oldest and 'tastiest' Char Kway Teow stall in Penang. There is always an endless queue at this stall, but why is it so special? The significant specialty of this stall is of course their 'killer' ingredient - seafood-infused oil. Seafood-infused oil is simply the cooking oil which has been used to fry prawns before it is used to fry the Kway Teow.
Another special thing about this hawker stall is that the Kway Teow is fried over a charcoal fire, which makes every single plate of Char Kway Teow tastes much better and fragrant. Even though the queue is long, but it is absolutely worth waiting for.

Eatery: Kedai Kopi Sin Guat Keong
Located: Intersection of Lebuh Cintra and Lebuh Kimberly, Georgetown, Penang.
Opening hours: 6pm - 12.30am daily

I love Penang desserts aka Tong Sui :-)

Pork blood, pork bits ... damn popular in Penang!

The legendary CKT!

ps. L had this earlier in the day, seafood noodles ala Penang ... Looks yummy too.
I have no clue where this was at?

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550ml jar of faith said...

My Penang roots just went... "AWWWW!!!" Kimberly St's CKT kicks ass!