Monday, February 02, 2009

Sungai Bil, Tanjung Malim - Slim River (Nikon D80)

Here is us heading for my first ever swim in a ... river!
Wikipedia... The waterfall at Sungai Bil is famous among the locals for a weekend getaway. There are some nice spots along the waterfall for family recreation and camping. One can travel from the Slim River town by road within 30 minutes. Food stalls selling lunch and fast food are available normally during weekend. However, the water could be murky during the dry spell. Entrance fee is RM1.00 for car and RM0.50 for motorcycle. There is also a camping site.
There is also an open wet market every Sunday morning until noon, where one can try a variety of local dishes and delicacies.

Add: Kampung Sungai Bil, Slim River, Perak 35800
Located: Tanjung Malim "18 km" milestone

A cool day in Sungai Bil, with gorgeous greenery and fantastic running water.

I love this place!

The running water varied in strength and speed, depending on which path you took to cross. There were some points where I got a natural hydrotheraphy massage by simply sitting between rocks! There were a few plastic containers floating around, but only a few, and generally the area was very well kept.
NOTE! I had to be very careful not to wet my camera as I made my way around and across the boulders!

Such a relaxing day!

This friendly cat was waiting alongside L's car

Wild bamboo

Wikipedia... At Ulu Slim, about the same distance from Slim River to Sungai Bil, there is a hot spring, and it is expected that the local government will develop the place, into a recreation area, for families. The water is 104C and is reputed to be the 5th hottest hot spring in the world.

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