Sunday, February 22, 2009

Waikiki Too - TTDI Plaza

Waikiki Too is a really nice chill out place, glad Taman Tun (Not sure if the residents nearby feel the same way!) has now got an established party area, in the form of TTDI Plaza, which also houses Bamboo9, HQ9, Fidels, Wine and Nine, Simone and more.

Add: TTDI Plaza @ Jalan Wan Kadir 3 , Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL
Previous review: I am a big fan of the resident band and their eclectic selection of songs

Joseph the Bartender ... Cool chap!

Cool 3-D artwork at the bar!

Jugs of Long Island Iced Tea, anyone? RM$130 a pop. Rum + Tequila + Vodka + Gin and more...

WT's choice ... Mojito! This was really good :-)

Ask nicely, and the bartender or waiting staff can get you some Popcorn too!


Queenie said...

sorry, just to ask
do u know that there is a "red building/ red house" near by KL convention center which use to be a western food restaurant(the 1st floor), but now been demolished.

Any idea about the restaurant?
or could u provide me the name of it?
I been search around for this restaurant, but have no idea where it move to ><


Julian Si said...

Hi Queenie,

My dear friend Lyrical Lemongrass shared this ..

1) the building was known as the Red House, and the restaurant upstairs was known as De View

2) Seems that in the 90s (!!), it had a very quaint english country decor and they served a mean lobster bisque!

3) She even kept the number after all these years -
De View - Peter Ho 019 2311095 , or 03 2143 0742

Good luck!!