Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Old and new buildings in Tanjung Malim, Perak

Its hard to resist the charms of Tanjung Malim, and I spent an enjoyable and memorable afternoon there. Located 57 minutes from Klang, its convenient too!

Here are a few more shots from my Nikon D80 and Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 ...
Rest house on Jalan Rumah Rehat, government servant rest quarters I reckon.

Gorgeous old building, such character!

Surprise! A huge RC church nearing completion!

Taekwando classes anyone?

Quaint chinese house, a tuition teacher resides here :-)

How cheeky ... look closely, it isn't Intel Inside. It's TM INSIDE!
Tanjung Malim is a parliament constituency in Malaysia and is a town in the state of Perak. It is approximately 70 km (43.75 miles) north of Kuala Lumpur via the North-South Highway. It lies on the border of Perak-Selangor state, with Sungai Bernam serving as the natural divider.

Today, "Tanjung Malim" usually refers to the territory under administration of Tanjung Malim District Council or Majlis Daerah Tanjung Malim (MDTM), which includes the smaller towns adjacent to the town such as Proton City, Behrang, Behrang 2020, Sungkai and Slim River. "Tanjung Malim" is lately also referred to the Old Town and New Town divided by the KTM Komuter rail at its heart, from which the town grew. Commuter train services from Tanjung Malim is expected to begin in June 2008.

An early settlement nearby Sungai Bernam is named Kampung Kubu (Fort Village). The Bugis community planted jambu fruit trees along the river bank. As population grew overtime, the area is referred to as Kampung Jambu. A mosque is also built to cater its Muslim community. During a visit by a British Straits of Settlements official, Sir List, the state officials headed by Raja Itam referred the area as Tanjong, as quoted by its local ulama Tuan Haji Mustafa bin Raja Kemala.
However, it is also known locally as Kg.Kubu, Kg.Bugis, Kg.Jambu and Tg.Jambu. Hence, Sir List 'officially' named it as Tanjong Malim to avoid confusion. (Malim or mualim refers to the pious local Muslim community)
Did you know?
The 1st shop lot is built in 1901.
The 1st tar road is Jalan Besar built in 1920.
The 1st traffic light is at the Route1-Jln Besar junction set-up in 1985.
The 1st fly over is the PLUS interchange built in 2000.


L said...

wow, thanks Jules. I didn't know that many things about the place where i actually grew up in. TM is always a fabulous place in my heart....

Julian Si said...

:-) My pleasure! It was a super trip to a lovely town ... I wanna go back!