Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Home made loh mai kai, 2 varieties of prawns - At Home!

Mum outdid herself one evening ... Soya sauce prawns and Tempura prawns. Gorgeous!
RM$60 per kilogram of REALLY fresh prawns, large ones too, from her local supplier in Klang.

Chicken with ginger and wine - Very appetising, and the always-a-treat stir fried cabbage.

Lor Mai Kai - Mum's friend made this, exquisite... juick and so tasty!

Coco was in especially good spirits :-) Woof!


firefly said...

you like cabbage a lot....i always see cabbage when u blog on home cooked food.

Julian Si said...

I sure like cabbage :-)

ps - Wow, nice find. Selayang "Lime Juice" Satay on your blog? Cool!