Thursday, February 19, 2009

Digi Yellow Man Trishaws in Melaka

One more Melaka post :-) Digi's Yellow Man aka Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF) always catches my eye!
Trishaw or becas which is a popular mode of transport in Melaka. In the 1970's, the trishaw hood, made of canvas, can easily be opened or closed when necessary. The seat is made from coconut husk and is complete with a backrest.
But now, it is decorated colourfully with plastic flowers, carved copper design and lately decorated with mobile company colours, green for Maxis and yellow for DiGi.
The trishaw can carry two adult passengers (Malaysian size) and one or two children.


ck lam said...

Have seen many of it during my Malacca visit...and this one is so colourful and bright.
I do wish to see the trishaw in Penang nicely decorated too.

Julian Si said...

If Penang remains complacent about the upkeep, housekeeping and local attractions, Melaka may one day overtake the Pearl of the Orient as the "preferred tourist destination". My trip to Melaka showed how much effort the locals had put into making their town so attractive!

I really like your blog :-) Cheers!