Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sungai Besi Kon Loh Mee - Post clubbing antidote!

Had been here on a number of previous occasions, including a visit in mid-2007 and my first ever visit in early 2007 . Circumstance is always the same, Zeta or Zouk ... then Kon Loh Mee on the way home!

Really decent Kon Loh Mee / Wan Tan Mee, nicely prepared char-siew that was full of flavour and was sticky... and decent noodles.

The pickled green chilli was outstanding!

Rather reasonable at ... RM$6. But that was for a small portion, guess one has to pay for the "convenience" (Being located in such a strategic location) and "inconvenience" charges (i.e. its open to the wee hours!).

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