Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tai Chau @ Pandamaran, Klang

Simple dinner of Foo Yong Egg (Good), excellent Sweet and Sour Pork 'Ku Loh Yoke', Japanese tofu with minced pork (Average), and Stir Fried Fan Sui Yip (Tapioca leaf @ bland ... not so good!) ... great price though, RM$26 for all this! Only in Pandamaran :-)

In terms of directions... This row of hawkers, located on both sides of the main road, is located near the Pandamaran police-station, or better yet ... Near Sri Choon Keng Seafood in Pandamaran . I've put up some detailed directions on that blog, good luck looking!


CUMI & CIKI said...

hi julian! looks good. which one is this.. directions pls :)

Julian Si said...

It is just up the road from this restaurant in Pandamaran which I previously blogged :-)



CUMI & CIKI said...

got it. cheers!

email2me said...

I usually go for the Fried Chicken and Yu Yu Ice if I pass by Pandamaran. :D

Julian Si said...

Ooh yeah, Yu Yu Ice, I have heard so much abt this legendary place, but it seems to be a morning/afternoon joint, and isn't opened when I go in the evenings. Cheers!