Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Suzuki SX4 Sedan

Handsome little car ... this caught my attention at The Curve, it was part of a MetroJaya promotion.

Small blurb on the sedan version of the SX4 ...
Suzuki will be unveiling it to the world at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. Despite the Suzuki SX4’s all-wheel drive capability, the SX4 Sedan will be a front wheel drive vehicle, featuring the same 109hp 1.6 liter engine in the Suzuki SX4.

And, wrote the following (Describing the 2.0 version / Not sure which is available in Malaysia) ...
Suzuki has built more than 35 million cars and turned a profit every year. Obviously the engineers and sales managers know exactly what they’re doing. More proof of that claim is the all-new SX4 Sport, an economically priced, fuel efficient sedan. Better yet, its bold styling is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Beneath the hood resides a modestly-sized aluminum block 2.0 liter four-cylinder motor. Its compression ratio is a lofty 10.5 to one, which explains how engineers were able to wring so much horsepower (143 hp) out of a modestly-sized block. More good news, peak torque comes at a low 3500 rpm which pays big dividends in acceleration. SX4’s zero to 60 mph elapsed time is a respectable nine seconds. That’s fast enough to make most drivers happy.
But will really put a smile on any drivers face is the really good fuel economy. During my week long test drive I averaged nearly 26 mpg with an even mix of city and highway driving. Did I mention the SX4 is delivered with a full tank of gas? Two transmissions are offered, a five-speed manual and an optional four-speed automatic ($1100). The difference between the two is about one mpg.

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