Thursday, May 08, 2008

Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Here's the taxi stand where we were dropped off when we went up HK's most scenic point .. The Peak.

Here's the Peak Tram, over a hundred years old ... and still going strong!

Admiring the views ...

The spectacular views, marred by some smog ...

Check this out! Barker Road Peak Tram... Hahaa, what a nice coincidence that us ACSians from Barker Road Singapore were having our Reunion there!

Walking back down, and catching a cab ...

How to get there? The Peak Hong Kong Tram - From Garden Road, Central. $3 one-way. OR, Number 15 Bus. From Admiralty MTR Station. $1 one-way
The is the traditional and most picturesque way of climbing the Peak. Built over 100 years ago, the tram climbs at an improbable angle, but affords some excellent views over the city below. However, the scenic bus route is not to be underestimated, the number 15 bus weaves it's way up the Peak a little slower than the tram and in the process takes in some equally stunning views over Central as well as the Happy Valley Racecourse.
Our advice; use both - one going up, one going down.
What is it?
Officially named Victoria Peak, the Peak is a mountain directly above Central. Thanks to its height it was the residence of choice for many of the city's early colonial administrators, who were trying to escape the oppressive humidity and persistent mosquitoes in the city below. Nowadays, rock stars, politicians and the city's playboys call the Peak home. Property up here is the most expensive real estate in the world, a sale of 12 Mount Kellet in 2006 went for a very reasonable $5,417 per square foot. The Peak has continued to be attractive thanks to the lack of humidity, stunning views of the city and it's greenness

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