Wednesday, May 21, 2008

21 : Card-counting in Blackjack (2008)

Source: DVD (Kepong)

In "21," Jim Sturgess plays Ben Campbell , an MIT student who joins a secret blackjack team that takes Vegas for millions by counting cards. He initially does thisas he desperately needs cash to pay for Harvard med school, but it soon leads into a spiral of arrogance and temptation. It seems the film was based on a true-life story, from Ben Mezrich's bestsellingbook, "Bringing Down the House."

"We're not gambling, we're counting cards," he tells his proteges - MIT's nonlinear equations professor Micky Rosa (Played by the fabulous Kevin Spacey)

Ben's main recruiter is sexy blonde Jill (Kate Bosworth), will their romance blossom?And, watch out for burly security boss Laurence Fishburne. The latter has a score to settle.
The extras play their parts well too ... Aaron Yoo, Liza Lapira and Jacob Pitts.

This film, directed by Robert Luketic, did promise a lot, and I was waiting months to savour it, but I felt a little dissapointed at the end of it. Perhaps it was cos' I could not understand what on earth this card-counting was all about!

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Lee Chien said...

wow.. this is the movie i wanna watch, seems interesting.. :D