Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pick n Brew @ One Utama

Pick n' Brew is located between the new and old wing of One Utama Shopping Centre, you may need some patience and legwork to find the place!
This was the first time I joined the Saturday Nite Dinner Kakis for one of their sessions, thanks for the invite guys!

Add: F233, First Floor Promenade, One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ
Tel: +603 7726 0102

Tastefully decorated interior that balances modern without being harsh ... good job.

The menu is well thought out, and the dishes are priced reasonably I reckon.

Hmm, for a place that fames itself for its coffees I wasn't particularly impressed by my Sumatra (RM$10). Nor was the Symphony (RM$10) impressive. Iced Coffee was also RM$10.

The bread had a hint of rosemary, but perhaps needed a little more herbs. Nevertheless, a nice start.

Mixed Snack Platter - Pretty good. Well priced too, RM$20. Between us, we shared 2 platters.

Hmm, is that another blogger I see in the house!? :-)

Seafood chowder soup (RM$13) - Plenty of stuff inside, yummy!

Barbecued Vegetables Soup (RM$13) - Tastes like tomato, but that's no bad thing. Our gang ordered three!

Cream of Pumpkin soup (RM$13) - Slurp!

Spanish prawn salad (RM$19) - No complaints!

Finally, on to the mains ...
Baked Oat Almond Snapper (RM$28)

Baked Chicken with Mustard and Olive (RM$30) - Pat's selection. Yummy, I had some!

Pesto Sun dried Tomatoes (RM$20) - Not very impressive, seems Nero Teca's is better.

Slipper Lobster Bisque Grill (RM$38) - My selection, a wee bit fishy especially the slipper lobsters, and the broth was very much remeniscent of my Barbecued Vegetables soup! But overall, OK.

Herbs crust Rack of Lamb (RM$38)

This mussels/clams seafood spaghetti combo , was returned to the chef ... was well too fishy :-( They did take this off the bill.

Presenting ...
The Saturday Nite Makan Dinner Kaki group!

We loved the apples ... have as many as you want, F.O.C!

Apple Crumble Cheesecake (RM$9) - the signature cake here, I loved it!

Strawberry Cheese Cake (RM$9) - Some liked it, but I thought simply average.

Blueberry Cheese Cake (RM$9) - Good

Double Brownies with Ice Cream (RM$15) - Simply fabulous!

It was so good.. I just had to take ANOTHER shot!

All in all, good ... nope, make that great service, well priced food (Total for all of us, after Jackson's 10% flogger-discount, was RM$411) , some of the dishes were a little too fishy, nice decor, coffees are average, and generally a good place to hang out!

ps. Pity they close early, at about 10:30pm (Understandable as they are in a mall complex).

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