Thursday, May 15, 2008

BKK - KL on MH781 Economy

Airplane: Boeing 737-400 (I so much prefer the Airbuses!)
Flight: MAS MH781 (Code-share with Thai Air, Star Alliance)
Time: 07:40pm - 10:45pm (On time again)
Route: Bangkok (BKK) - KLIA

Here's the cheapo meal they served on board the flight, once again ... Somehow, on Air Asia, when one pays RM$10 for a meal and it looks kinda like this, it is fine, but on MAS ... our 'National Carrier' ... bah!

And as always ... I got my emergency exit seat. Plenty of legroom on the cheap!


dufffader said...

no no no... the best places on a 737 is all the way at the back next to the toilet. emergency exits doesn't allow you to put your gadget bag on the floor... better be sure your pockets are large enough to keep the ipod, digital camera, sweets, stolen aircraft cutleries (they still give metal cutleries on most airlines, if they don't they're stingy), PDA, phone, passport and not forgetting the wallet... I avoid emergency exits like ebola.

On some 777 flights, take the rear. ANA 777s have a 2 seat configuration at the back. MH 777s sucks, for that I just take the rear so that I can recline all the time without any dingbat kicking the back of my chair all the time.

Diogo said...

Hey, I just came by to say that your blog is incredable and your pics really look proffessional. Which camera do you use?

Julian Si said...

Diogo, thanks for the comments.

I swop between an old Canon Ixus, and a 9 month old Canon PowerShot G9 (the full manual functions, especially shutter speed, as well as the 1cm macro is REALLY good!).