Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sri Bayu Klasik - Malay restaurant, Pandamaran

Add: Restoran Sri Bayu Klasik @ Bayu Perdana, near Pandamaran in Klang

Sambal fish - REALLY REALLY spicey ... grrr. Way too hot!

Prawn Tomyam - Darn hot!

Telur bungkus - Would have been good if not for excessive tomato ketchup!

Pandan chicken - Uh, not very good!

Tourism Malaysia website describes this place ...
This pleasant restaurant located near Tg. Ampuan Rahimah Hospital offers various types seafood cuisines and is committed to using the finest and freshest ingredients. They strive to bring interesting menu items to your plate.

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Boon Chuan said...

Try restaurant subaidah's (beside sri bayu klasik) capati. Its sardine is good.