Thursday, May 22, 2008

Honda Integra Type R

Honda Integras always seem to come in hot white :-) This was spotted in Klang.

The Fourth generation Honda Integra (2002-2006) is also known as the DC5.
The fourth generation Integra, produced from 2002 on, was renamed the Acura RSX for the United States, Canada and Hong Kong in accordance with Acura's new alphabetical naming scheme. It also had an entirely new engine, the K-series. The RSX was still sold as a Honda Integra in Japan and Australia, markets where Acura did not exist.
2006 marked the final model year for the RSX, and in May 2006, Honda discontinued the RSX. As of May 2007, the Honda Integra is still offered for sale in Japan, but was discontinued for sale in Australia.

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