Sunday, May 25, 2008

Killiney Kopitiam, Mid Valley Megamall

Add: Lot G(E) 011-A @ Mid Valley Megamall
Originally from Singapore, I never knew there was a branch outside of the Damansara Uptown unit which I frequent. We had our pre-Indy Jones breakfast here, gobbled it all down as we only had 20 mins before showtime!

Michy's kaya toast ... didn't look spectacular!

I always have the Singapore style Mee Siam here, reasonably tasty!

D had the laksa, didn't seem to complaint!

Ye's Mee Rebus, with all the chilli bits removed! Thanks for the treat, bro :-)

I really didn't like this F&N Seasons Barley, eeeep tasted like dishwashing liquid (not that I would know what that tastes like!). Baby J didn't seem to complaint though!

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