Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Very yummy Mr.Tan Curry Puff @ Eat-zy Subang

When you are at Subang's Eat-Zy Teo Chew Porridge & Rice, watch out for a man going around with a basket of large curry-puffs.

RM$1.50 - Mouthwatering! Best pastry I have had I reckon ... simply magnificent. And the filling, albeit of the sweet curry variety, is just delicious. No meat, just potatoes, onions, egg. Simple, and fabulous!

Ps. Contact Mr Tan for enquiries, his telephone +6016 246 9219.


Stephannie said...

wow, the pic really makes me drool. Too bad they don't have a stall or something.. as hunting down the man would be quite a challenge no? =)

Stephannie said...

Btw, came across your blog when I was surfing for some foodie stuff. Very cool & informational blog you have. Keep it up! :)

Julian Si said...

Thanks for your kind comments!

Best way to reach Mr Curry Puff:-
1) Go to Eat-Zy Porridge in Subang at lunch time or dinner time any day
2) Call him (Mr.Tan) on 016 246 9219 and track him down!

It is worth the effort :-)

Seashell said...

Hmm... I don't really hang out in Subang. But I think I've seen the man in ss2 Chao Yang area before... how is it comparable to Ikea Curry Puff?

Julian Si said...

Ikea's curry puff WAS the definining curry puff in my books ...


But now I am not so sure, Mr Tan's is really excellent. The pastry incomparable perhaps!!

I think I need to do a BLIND TEST ...